Tapmad Holding is a private company that offers an online video streaming facility in Pakistan through the app “Tapmad”. It is being operated in Pakistan. This app offers thousands of videos in a single click. You can enjoy hundreds of hours on this app by getting quality content according to your taste. You just need to subscribe the Tapmad.

These offers are available across multiple languages and cover a huge geographic area. Tapmad is one of the most authentic and best streaming service provider apps due to its latest streaming technology and best video quality on each type of device and platform. This is Over The Top Video consumer (OTT). 

This is No. 1 live streaming agency in Pakistan. Here, we are going to describe the features of the Tapmad Tv app, its subscription and un-subscription, and its downloading from the play store.

How can I subscribe to Tapmad TV?

The use of tapmad tv app is very simple and easy. You just need to sign up at the official website. There are two options, one is login and other is subscribe. If you have already subscribed just log in with your credentials. But, if you are new you have to subscribe first.

Tapmad tv app offers three types of subscriptions basic, standard, and premium. The price of all packages vary according to features. Basic package costs for Rs. 100 per month and it includes:

  • Video quality 720P
  • 1 device is allowed
  • 50+ channels are available on demand

The standard package costs for Rs. 200 per month and includes:

  • Video quality 1080P
  • 3 devices are allowed
  • All premium channels are available

The premium package costs for Rs.300 per month and offers:

  • Video quality upto 4K
  • 5 devices are allowed
  • All premium channels are available

These three packages are available for the users. You can easily subscribe any package that suits you. Once you will subscribe any package, the deductions will make automatically every month. If you want to avoid deductions, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Payment Methods

Tapmad tv app offers four payment methods to pay monthly.

  • Easypaisa
  • JazzCash
  • MasterCard
  • PTCL

To start put your mobile number in a specified place and subscribe it easily.

How can I unsubscribe from Tapmad TV?

If you want to unsubscribe from the Tapmad tv app, follow the instructions and perform step by steps.

  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to account name
  • Tap the “edit” button under Billing information
  • Click “cancel” or turn off your Tapmad subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tapmad available on all devices?

Yes, you can use it on all devices. Tapmad is available on Android, iPhone, tab, and desktop systems.

Is Tapmad free?

Yes, Tapmade is free to some extent. You can watch a limited number of movies and more than 80 Pakistani news channels freely. However, if you want to watch Indian tv channels, shows and sports channels, you have to buy premium version of Tapmad tv app.

Is Tapmad available on smart Tv?

Yes, Tapmad is available on smart tv. You can watch programs and live channels on your smart tv. However, currently, it is available on only Changhong Ruba Smart TV but will be available soon on other smart TVs like Samsung, TCL, and other Smart Tv brands.

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