QR codes have gained much importance in our life as these codes are used in almost every product. QR is an abbreviation of “Quick Response.” Apparently, this code looks small but in actuality, it contains a lot of information and stored data. 

What are QR codes?

A QR code is a barcode that can be used to tag products and easily read by electronic devices. This code exists in square form with a series of pixels. These codes are utilized to track information about products and their supply. 

These codes are used in marketing campaigns. Recently, it has come known that these codes have played an important role during coronavirus suffering and also helped to slow down the spread of this pandemic. 

A lot of videos are available on YouTube about how to recognise the fake QR code and save yourself.  

Brief History

The QR code system was invented in 1994 by a Japanese company because they needed to track vehicles and parts during the manufacturing process. For this purpose, they developed a barcode that contains alphabets and numerics.

Standard barcodes store a small amount of data because they can be read in one direction only – top to bottom. However, QR codes can be read in double directions i.e. left to right and top to bottom. Due to these characteristics, these codes can store more data and information.

Have you ever thought that what type of data can store QR? Well! These codes can store website URL, cell number, and more than 4000 text characters.

QR codes also have some more features and can be used to:

  • Download any app from Apple or Google store.
  • Verify login details of online accounts.
  • Get access to Wi-Fi by scanning QR codes instead of writing passwords.
  • Send and receive payments with a single scan.

How do I scan the QR code?

Nowadays, most mobile phones already have the feature of a QR code scanner that is connected to a camera. A QR code scanner is a very simple and easy way to scan codes. Some tablets like iPad etc have a built-in scanner to scan these codes.

However, if you have an old device, you don’t need to worry. There are a lot of apps are available on the play store from where you can download any app to read or scan QR codes. 

Scanning a QR code using your device is straightforward:

  1. Run the QR reader app or the camera of your phone
  2. Place your camera in front of the QR code from any angle
  3. The information will be visible instantly on the screen depending on the type of data.

Are QR codes safe?

Hackers can embed fake or malicious URLs that contain malware into a code which could filter data when scanned on the device. In addition to this, malware in QR codes can direct to phishing site where your personal information could be disclosed. 

As it is not easy to read codes by humans, attackers can take advantage of this and steal or alter the information through malware. 

Does QR code collect my personal information and data?

QR code developing software does not gather any personally identifiable information.

The data it does collect – and which is visible to the code’s creators – includes location, the number of times the code has been scanned and at what times, plus the operating system of the device which scanned the code (i.e., iPhone or Android).

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