Canva has great importance in the world of digital media, especially in graphic design. You think about design and Canva is there to assist you. You can turn your imagination into a beautiful design.

In this article, I am going to describe to you the step-by-step guide to designing custom canvas prints. A lot of people throughout the world are using Canva to make their required designs, logos, posts, and many more.

Canva has thousands of free templates that provide shortcuts to making designs. These templates are customizable and can be edited completely according to the requirements. Sometimes people want to make completely new designs and that’s why I am providing this informative article for their help. Let’s start.

custom canvas prints

Choose Right Dimensions For Custom Canvas Prints

First of all, choose the design type from the homepage that you want to make. Canva provides multiple design types like, logos, pins, social media posts, mugs and t-shirt pictures,s etc. These designs are set with optimal dimensions for each custom canvas prints.

If you want to make your own size graphic, you can also select that from the menu and manually put the dimensions. You can choose pixels, millimeters or inches.

Choose a Background For Custom Canvas Prints

You can select any type of background for your graphic. It may be a simple color or an image.

Background colors

Various tones recount various stories. Purple is related to uniqueness, orange connects with action, and green invokes pictures of nature. Ponder what varieties best suit your necessities. Find a decent variety blend with the Canva palette tool.

Background Photos

To involve a photograph as a foundation, first, add a framework. When put on a network, photographs can be resized, trimmed, flipped, and layered to make various special visualizations.

Then, search Images or transfer your own. Then intuitive your picture onto the lattice: it will snap to fit.

You can add channels to change the brilliance, immersion, and clearness of the photograph. This can help while layering text and components.

Add Elements to Custom Canvas Prints

You have options to add text, icons, photos, and illustrations. These elements are combined in a proper way so that it looks appealing.

Canva graphic designer Lynneal Santos says it’s a matter of balance. “Think about the balance and composition of the elements in the graphic. But the important thing is to balance all the elements in the design. Make sure that they are not mixed up with other elements or the edges of the page.

The number one tip is to keep your design simple and don’t add multiple elements as it will look overloaded. Graphic designers called this visual hierarchy which involves the arrangement of elements according to their needs.

Play with Canva and try more and more to get the best results. If you want to add photos to your design, use custom canvas prints.

Choose the Right Fonts

Another important thing in your design is the right selection of font style and size. Before selecting any style, see some images of big brands on the internet to get an idea about your custom canvas prints.

It is sufficiently hard to choose one textual style. Yet, your plan might require more than one typeface. Canva recommends never involving multiple text styles in a plan, as such a large number of textual styles will in general make a plan look “muddled”. You’ll need to pick reciprocal text styles, which add visual interest while functioning admirably together. You can find out about which textual styles look great along with tips on textual style matching.

Canva has many pre-set text style mixes to look over. You can track down these in the Text tab on the sideboard.

Or then again you can make your own mix. Once more, straightforward is ideal: in the event that you’re picking an intricate textual style, guarantee you pair it with an easier text style so your plan is adjusted. Canva’s Font Combination device can help, and Traditional mixes like a sans serif text style and a serif textual style can be extremely strong.

Remember about coherence. Assuming your textual styles are excessively muddled, they can degrade your message.


Anyone can use Canva for free to make designs for his work. However, free access is limited to a few options.

Canva Free

The free version of Canva offers the following features:

Easy customization

More than 250,000 free templates

100 plus different designs

More than 1 million photos and graphics

5 GB cloud storage

Wide range of printable products

Canva Pro

Canva pro is the best option for individual freelancers and graphic designers. Most professionals use this package to design multiple graphics. Canva pro charges $6.49 per month for one person.

It includes the following features:

More than 100 million premium photos, layouts, graphics and videos

Unlimited premium content

600K premium templates with new designs

Magic resize of images

Folder creation for specific projects

Remove image background

Canva for Team

If you are working in team, then Canva for Team is the best option to make designs and graphics. It allows team members to use Canva with numerous features and premium editing. The price for this package is $8.49 per month for 5 people.

This package provides the following features:

100 million premium photos, images, and videos

Unlimited premium content

Brand control

Design for team collaboration

Dedicated folders for particular projects

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