The Four Best Freebie Websites to Get Free Samples by thebinyameen

In marketing, one of the best ways to get attention is to offer free things. Especially when that free thing has high perceived value. Samples are a great way to entice customers and win them over without spending much money, making them perfect tools for entrepreneurs trying to bring their new products to market. If you’re looking to get free samples, here are the four best freebie websites you can use.


BzzAgent is a program that sends you coupons and samples for products. You can test them out and share your experience with others on your team. While there is no compensation for being a member, you get free samples in exchange for your honest opinions about products. Therefore, this is an excellent site if you’re looking to try new products and don’t want to pay the total price or if you enjoy sharing your opinions with others. So, you can fill out applications online.

Want free stuff? A variety of companies give away free samples as part of their marketing efforts. But it can be hard to find in short time promotions in your local stores, and even online searches to get free sample coupons can prove futile. Don’t worry; provides free samples of products you may like to try out before buying them. Some of these items are available only with a coupon code.


Smiley360 is one of my favorite freebie websites to get free samples. The company gives out free products from a range of brand names. And you can sign up for different missions each month. However, each task will give you various products that you receive for free, review and then share your feedback with brands. Signing up for missions takes a bit of time, but Smiley360 does send reminder emails when it’s time to check in and complete tasks.

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Influenster is one of those websites that works off of a point system. You get points by filling out surveys, answering questions, and making purchases at various retailers. However, If you earn enough points, you can redeem them for free products. These products range from household items to beauty supplies. So it’s straightforward to rack up lots of issues quickly. This website is perfect for beauty junkies and people who like trying new things!

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